Schubert Tennis of Cincinnati is now an Authorized Custom LED Lighting Systems Dealer. If you are building a court or updating your current court – remember the lights. Lighting can double the amount of time on the court.

LED lighting provides

  • Better overall lighting
  • Delivers higher footcandles
  • Lower electrical usage
  • Potential tax credits


Many schools, universities and clubs are focusing on reducing costs and the change to LED lighting can save on the electrical bill. We will evaluate your situation and access if it is best to replace the bulbs or the fixtures. Depending on your indoor court needs your lighting should be “glowing”.

New indoor lighting:

  • Reduces electrical costs
  • Potentially tax deductible
  • Improves performance
  • Reduces glare
  • Increases court versatility and usage

If you are looking to replace your current lighting, consider contacting Cincinnati’s own Schubert Tennis and we will provide a FREE assessment and complimentary estimate, utilizing our 30 plus years of tennis experience.


Imaging being able to double or triple court time at your facility. Consider the benefits of added practice time, increased membership value and improved performance. Schubert Tennis of Cincinnati offer lighting options that include retrofitting of existing lighting systems, lighting system maintenance and complete court lighting replacement.

New lights are a bright idea:

  • Increase court usage and availability
  • Improve performance
  • Reduce court glare
  • Eliminate light pollution
  • Electricity cost savings (potentially upwards of a 25% savings)

If you are constructing a new court in the Cincinnati Region, lighting is one of the most important steps in the process, or if you are looking to improve or replace your current lighting contact Schubert Tennis. With more than 30 years of tennis experience we will provide a FREE assessment and complimentary estimate.