Basketball Court Resurfacing and Striping (Line Painting)

The expert team at Schubert Tennis can create your perfect basketball court, be it an addition to your current court or a completely new installation.  From half-court, high school, NCAA, professional and even international ball we can install, stripe and repair any court with any configuration.

If you are adding your basketball court to your current tennis or futsal court, we are able to alter line strip colors to be sport specific.  We will work with you to prioritize the usage of your court and construct accordingly.

In addition to striping your court we can brand and personalize your court – we can do that!

High School Basketball Court Diagram:

NBA (Professional) Basketball Court Diagram:

Our team understands the geometry required to take care of your basketball court installation.  Our crews are specially qualified and understand the intricacies of athletic court striping for your personal, club or facility court functions. Want MORE? We can add Volleyball Posts, Lacrosse Netting and we even do Running Track Repairs.

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