Pickleball is the fastest growing sport in America and close to being the fastest growing sport in the world.  However, to play the sport you NEED the court.  Schubert Tennis can help with that.

Hilliard , Ohio New Pickleball Facility

For the past 10+ years our team at Schubert Tennis has retrofitted former tennis courts into new Pickleball courts via our court resurfacing and painting.  We have enhanced basketball courts into multipurpose courts by adding Pickleball striping.  New for us, the request to Pickleball stripe the driveway, but we can and will do it.  Schubert Tennis’ ultimate claim to fame is complete Pickleball court installation and construction.  Learn more about Pickleball.

In addition to complete Pickleball court construction, Schubert Tennis can outfit your court and players completely with nets, pickleballs and paddles.  We can even help you get the lingo down for your newly constructed court invitations, our friends at www.pickleballportal.com have outlined the proper terms to make your Pickleball communications “professional.”

Hamilton ,Ohio Bob Gentry Park Pickleball Facility (8 Courts)

You and yours could be playing Pickleball in your own backyard in a matter of weeks.  After a season of practice on your home court you could be competing at the Middletown Pickleball Association (Largest Pickleball organization in the USA) tournaments and then maybe the USAPA National Tournament?

We are already building near you in Cincinnati, Columbus, Dayton, Cleveland and Toledo.  Schubert Tennis can provide free estimates to survey the prime location for your new court, estimate costs, schedule construction and plan completion dates.  Start your personal Pickleball experience – Call 513-310-5890.

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