Pickleball Court Resurfacing

Schubert Tennis would be happy to transition your old tennis court into several beautiful new pickleball courts anywhere in the Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky, Dayton & Columbus area.  You can also add versatility your current tennis court by striping Pickleball lines right over the existing format.  Please give Rusty Schubert a call at 513-310-5890 in Cincinnati and Jeff Parish 614-348-1866 in Dayton & Columbus.

If you are considering resurfacing your outdoor or indoor tennis courts, add a variety of sports by including Pickleball lines, Basketball lines, and even Futsal lines & goals.  Schubert Tennis can even provide design graphics embedded into your new court, marking them as some of the most unique in Cincinnati.

Once your Pickleball court is complete you can rely on Schubert Tennis in Cincinnati, Dayton & Columbus to provide you with supplies, maintenance, and management expertise to keep your tennis, and now Pickleball, facility at the top of its game.

The United States of America Pickleball Association (www.usapa.org) recommends a textured acrylic coating made especially for asphalt and concrete. Maintaining a color scheme synonymous with the traditional tennis court will make the transition to this bourgeoning sport simplistic.  Contact Rusty or Jeff if you are interested in receiving a Pickleball court resurfacing quote.

Add Pickleball Court Striping


The game is played on a court with the same dimensions as a doubles badminton court (20 feet x 44 feet). These details can be easily added to your current tennis court, enabling you to start playing Pickleball immediately. We recommend that when adding lines to an existing tennis and basketball court, “tone on tone” lines in the same color family as the court itself should be used.  These lines should stop 3” before all-white playing lines. Other colors can be used as an alternative to multi-use facilities.

If you have underutilized tennis courts – or basketball courts for that matter –consider adding new life to these courts. Because the Pickleball court is considerably smaller than a tennis court more courts can use the same space, allowing for more players at one time. On a traditional tennis court upwards of four Pickleball courts can be defined.

With portable nets, you can make any indoor gymnasium a Pickleball court instantaneously. In Cincinnati, we can even stripe your driveway and you can have a Pickleball court right in front of your garage – next step order the bleachers!

See the Before and After for Pickleball Court Construction – Click the image to enlarge

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