Pickleball -What is it?

Pickleball is the fasted growing sport in America. It was created with one thing in mind: FUN! This paddle sport is designed to be easy to learn and play for ALL AGES and any skill level. The rules are simple, the platform is easy and the competition is addictive.

  • This is a FUN sport that combines elements of tennis, ping-pong, and badminton
  • Can be played both indoor and outdoor, with a modified tennis court
  • All you need to play is a paddle and a plastic ball, it is that easy!

Many former tennis players find Pickleball a good “step-down” sport when tennis becomes too demanding. Individuals or teams of two compete to see who can best serve, return and strategically place the ball. For the tennis enthusiast, this is a great alternative to full-court practice. You can hone your hand-eye coordination and still maintain your competitive drive.

Schubert Tennis is the #1 pickleball court resurfacing & construction company in Cincinnati, Dayton, Columbus.

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Special News:

Congrats to Lake Waynoka for making dramatic improvements to their athletic facility.  6 Pickleball courts and 1 tennis court.  The pictures say it all!  Schubert Tennis is proud to have made these improvements!






  A special shout out goes to my sister……Laura Lindquist Champion (4.0) Level with Linda Thompson as well as Runner Up in the 55 and over age Group.  She has now been blessed with a bionic knee & back….. so they better watch out in 2018!