Putterman PRO2352T (5 yr) 3.5mm Signature DTS – (Poly Cloth HB & Doble Top, Tapered)


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Body of the Net: 3.5mm single braided core netting • Headband:Polyester • Headband Fabrication: Headbands are double layered and tucked – 2.5″ wide with four rows of interlocking stitching. Superior durability and professional finish • Bottom and Side Tape: 0.6 mm and 2.5″ wide • Cable: Vinyl covered 6mm steel cable • Side Sticks: 1/4″ fiberglass rods, which help prevent against bending and warping • Net Strap: Heavy Duty Polyester Strap Included with every net we sell • Warranty – 3 years on workmanship and materials Product # PRO2352 (Poly)

(Net Straps not included)

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