In the past, fencing for tennis courts has tended to be a bit overlooked; court builders frequently haven’t seemed to look much beyond the use of chain link. However, designers and contractors like Schubert Tennis have been experimenting with ways to get away from the same old institutional look.

Adding a fence to your court provides security, safety and ball return.  Fencing tends to define the areas both inside the court and outside.  When crafting your fencing, consider various fence heights, leaving the sides open and even "California Corners." (California Corners are angled corners that enable the court to feel less boxed in.)

With Schubert Tennis we often recommend going away from traditional fencing and adding some color with our variety of link fence color options.  Perhaps square posts or decorative anchors.  We can even provide you with fence fillers, windscreens or padding.  New this year, the addition of Lacrosse netting to serve as the perfect ball return.


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