New Clay Court Construction

Let’s build something FUN! Invite us to evaluate your options and produce for you a court filled with individuality. We consult with you for site development, court orientation, playing surface preferences (hard court, clay court, Hydro Courts, etc.), fencing, lighting and other amenity installations such as basketball systems, hitting walls, windscreens and viewing areas. Bringing us in early will enable us to assess the best plan for the most versatile and useful court dynamics.

Capitalize on our more than 30 years of tennis experience!

We will consult on:

  • Site selection
  • Court orientation
  • Best playing surface evaluation
  • Accessories

Consider adding even more FUN to your court with our NEW Basketball Court Striping and Hoop Installation.  We can now another use for your clay court with our professional basketball installation services.  Now your clay court could have tennis, pickleball and basketball all in the same space.