Clay Court

We are the Cincinnati , Dayton and Columbus Region’s Number One Clay Court Resurfacer, featuring Har-Tru Green Clay!

  • Har Tru “Fast-Dry” Courts – dry quickly and allow you to play through a light rain.
  • Enable you to SLIDE!
  • Easier on the body and reduce the incident of common lower extremity injuries
  • 10-15 degrees cooler than a traditional hard court.
  • Hydro Courts - Consider upgrading your old clay courts into Hydro courts.  Easy maintenance in comparison.
  • Special thanks to the following Schubert Tennis Clay Court Customers: Coldstream Country Club, Kenwood Country Club, Cincinnati Tennis Club, Five Seasons (Cincinnati, ), Indian Hill Swim Club, Oak Hills Swim Club, Browns Run CC (Middletown).  see their Testimonials
  • Schubert Tennis is also expanding into the Dayton and Columbus Ohio, Clay Court Resurfacing market.

Characteristics of Har-Tru Clay Courts:

  • NEVER CRACK – Har-Tru Courts never crack and repairs are simple and inexpensive
  • Quickly and easily installed
  • Capable of being restructured over an existing hard court
  • Porous surface that reduces runoff and soil erosion
  • Can be installed where many other surfaces are not allowed due to zoning restrictions
  • Har-Tru Courts - Will LAST FOREVER! with simple and consistent care
  • The best maintenance technique for these courts is to play on them as much as possible

Consider a Har Tru Hydrocourt as Hydrocourts take the hassle out of irrigating your clay court.  These unique watering system water your court from below, reducing dry times, keeping your clay fresh and eliminating over watering.

Why is Irrigation So Important?

  • Water keeps the court stable and firm.
  • A properly watered court provides better traction.
  • Optimal water means fewer bad bounces.
  • Water evaporates during play keeping the court and the players cool and comfortable.
  • An effective irrigation system reduces daily, periodic and annual maintenance.
  • Properly hydrated courts drain more quickly.
  • An effective irrigation system reduces downtime.
  • Proper hydration minimizes erosion.
  • Water gives the court a beautiful, rich color.

Irrigation Tips

A clay court is like a sponge and holds water. This water evaporates over the course of a day. Irrigation regimens should be designed to replenish water lost during the day.

  • Water multiple times for short durations to allow your court to absorb and retain water more readily.
  • Always water after brushing as brushing accelerates drying.
  • Adjust sprinkler heads on a weekly basis to ensure proper coverage.


In addition to your newly constructed or resurfaced clay court consider adding windscreens, fencing, netting and multi sport court accessories.  We can over stripe your court to make it more versatile by including pickleball, futsal and basketball markings.  Want MORE? We can add Volleyball Posts, Lacrosse Netting and we even do Running Track Repairs.

Let us evaluate your best option for resurfacing or help plan your new Har-Tru court built to last a lifetime.

Free Estimates. We Will Come to You!

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Free Estimates. We Will Come to You!

Cincinnati & Dayton: 513-310-5890 | Columbus: 614-348-1866
or Send Us an Email