basketball court and hoop installation

Blue Basketball Court ResurfacedSchubert Tennis now offers basketball court and hoop installation.  Including a basketball hoop with your new court build or old court resurrection adds to the diversity of your facility.  Basketball is one of the most popular sports in the world. Basketball is a fast moving game that involves a lot of variety, including shooting, dribbling, passing, rebounding, defense and much more.

Benefits of Basketball Addition

  • Enhances the versatility of your court
  • Easily transition court from tennis to basketball
  • Adds to family and friends activities

Think about adding just one hoop or go all out and add two. Schubert Tennis will align, coordinate and uniform your hoop(s) to the rest of your project.

Indoor or Outdoor, the addition of basketball to your court increases functionality.  Most current tennis courts can be restriped to include basketball graphics. Installation of your basketball hoop can be included in your new court build or current court resurfacing.

Basketball Court Resurfacing and Striping (Line Painting)

The expert team at Schubert Tennis can create your perfect basketball court, be it an addition to your current court or a completely new installation.  From half-court, high school, NCAA, professional and even international ball we can install, stripe and repair any court with any configuration.

If you are adding your basketball court to your current tennis or futsal court, we are able to alter line strip colors to be sport specific.  We will work with you to prioritize the usage of your court and construct accordingly.

In addition to striping your court we can brand and personalize your court - we can do that!

High School Basketball Court Diagram:

NBA (Professional) Basketball Court Diagram:

Our team understands the geometry required to take care of your basketball court installation.  Our crews are specially qualified and understand the intricacies of athletic court striping for your personal, club or facility court functions. Want MORE? We can add Volleyball Posts, Lacrosse Netting and we even do Running Track Repairs.

Basketball Goal Installation

As you create your perfect sports oasis, include one basketball hoop for a family shoot-around or add two hoops for some unrivaled full court action. We do more than just put a hoop in the ground. We will evaluate the best placement for your hoop and consider any needs for court enhancements be it complete excavation or court base installation. We treat our individual clients the same as do our school or institutional partners.

Schubert Tennis specializes in permanent basketball hoop installations. We have the abilities to install adjustable and fixed height permanent basketball hoops. Our basketball hoops are concrete anchored and meticulously measured for accuracy in height and alignment. From our self-leveling base to our precisely calibrate the rim height, your hoop will be game ready.

Our premier basketball hoops are comprised of 1/2" tempered mighty glass backboards for gym quality rebound bounce, competition grade rim for hanging, dunking and when need be break-away capability and high-impact padding on the base along with sturdy aluminium frame with reinforced steel support. These hoops are built for play and to last from one generation to the next.

We recommend glass backboard hoops for residential and most institutional applications - Why you ask?

Glass is Harder & Heavier

  • Safety Glass - Our glass shatters when vandalized - like a car windshield
  • Doesn't scratch
  • Weathers better
  • Resistant to movement

Give Schubert Tennis a call, either to install a basketball hoop you've purchased, to modify or update your current hoop or to have us install one of our many premium brand basketball hoops that include features of quality, safety and FUN!  Our estimates are FREE!

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