Need a NEW Court?

Are you considering a new surface or enhancing the versatility of your current system?

Please call Rusty Schubert and Schubert Tennis.  We can construct your new court under your roof and enhance it with on court branding.  Add to the versatility with volleyball, pickelball, tennis and basketball striping.  Perhaps even add 4-square?  Schubert Tennis can also assist you with pads, nets and branded banners to make your court, really your court.

As you are considering construction of your new facility or the redesign of a current structure, let Schubert Tennis assist in your design, with our years of experience we can help make the most of your new venture and make four court into one.

Call Rusty Schubert at Schubert Tennis – 513.310.5890

2018 is upon us and now is the perfect time to consult with Rusty Schubert on all that your new court could be.