Futsal is building tremendous steam in the United States.  In the Midwest region of the states, Futsal is seen as the perfect training tool and off season fundamental builder.  The speed, technique and foresight needed to play Futsal provides a perfect education for once you are on the pitch.

School are tapping into the physical nature of the game and discovering the sport provides great cardiovascular training.  As a sport Futsal builds teamwork, self confidence and coordination.  The Futsal court can be configured in multiple dimensions, allowing a court to easily be crafted in your existing facility.  Striping Futsal lines on your court, adds diversity and function to your recreational area.

Let Schubert Tennis assess your facility and provide and estimate to add Futsal line painting to your court(s) inside and out! We can recommend how many courts to craft, the best dimensions and cost estimate.  The return for investing in Futsal, will be delivering for years. Want MORE? We can add Volleyball Posts, Lacrosse Netting and we even do Running Track Repairs.


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